Who is JustCharterIt?

We are a Boutique Charter Service and Travel Company specializing in Private Jet Charter; Sailing and Motor Yacht Charter; Villas and City Apartments Globally. We cater to the discerning needs of our clients, providing the level of service you have come to expect.

Check out our new Find a Flight platform. It will give you an estimated price for chartered flight on a private jet or turbo prop. Choose between one way, round trip, or even plan a multiple destination itinerary.

Flying Private

Do you need to Fly on your Schedule and not the airlines? Is your time more valuable than a TSA Security Check? Do you want to pack what you want? When you Fly Private your favorite meal is expertly prepared and paired with your favorite wine or spirit. Chartered Flights will also reduce your travel time. Private Jets and other aircraft can land at smaller regional airports closer to your final destination. JustCharterIt.

Private Yachts

Do You want to cruise to exotic locales and stay in ports for as long as you want? Do you want your meals on your schedule? How about cocktails crafted with your favorite spirit? JustCharterIt

Private Villas

A Private Villa offers our clients an opportunity to entertain guests and have private meetings. Our clients have access to our complete global catalog of properties. Many of our Villa’s a have staff including a Private Chef. JustCharterIt

City Apartments

When traveling between cities, New York to London to Paris, to Zurich. You will feel right at home in one our city apartments with a Private Chef to make all your favorites and a Professional Driver to get you around the city. JustCharterIt

Justin Dillon
Justin Dillon

Is a concierge of elite travel, who has spent the last two and half decades in the Luxury Space. His entire career has been consulting for an exclusive clientele. In 2019 he founded JustCharterIt, LLC to create an inclusive space for discerning Travelers to have all their travel needs met with one point of contact.

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