Learjet 75 Liberty: Re-imaging an Iconic Brand

Learjet 75 Liberty flying over mountains

For most of us growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s Learjet was the iconic symbol of wealth and success. I remember the Jaguar XJS advertisement, with white car sitting in front of a Learjet 23. The Learjet was a Private Jet, not a Business Jet, but a Private Jet. Perfect for romantic getaways, ski trips to Aspen, down to Caribbean or off to Martha’s Vineyard. Learjet is the grandfather of private jets an iconic brand. Fast forward to 2020 and world is a very different place, Private jets are now thought of a Business Jets and toys of the billionaire class, with price tags to match. But, let’s consider the following; according to Forbes Magazine as of March 18th, 2020 there are 2,095 billionaires in the entire world, compare that to the 65.5 Million Millionaires in the world. Now consider the cost of Gulfstream G350 or Bombardier Challenger 350 with price tags of around $26million, and you will soon see why the Learjet 75 Liberty, with its’ sub $10million price tag, is a game changer for those of us in the millionaire class.

Now it is no secret that I am huge Learjet fan, I had a poster of one on my wall in prep school and college. I have a framed copy of the above-mentioned advertisement, and have proudly been flying private in a Learjet 35A for most of my adult life, but I have to say the Learjet 75 Liberty is by far the most impressive jet in its class. As it should be, with its pedigree of unrivaled speed and performance.

Learjet has spent 50years re-imagining private flight, seeing opportunities where others see limitations. The Learjet 75 Liberty not only raised the bar for its competition, but lowered the bearer of entry to the Private Jet world. Sure, there are Very Light Jets (VLJs) that can be purchased for far less, but they come with several compromises; in terms of amenities they generally lack a lavatory and galley, but the biggest is range. Not to mention they were designed to be owner operated. So, to enter the Light Jet class with an aircraft that offers medium jet comfort, superior performance and commercial aircraft safety, with the a low price and lowest operating cost… let us just say “the game is a foot”.

The 2020 Pandemic has changed our world in so many ways, one of which is the increased demand for safe and secure air travel, and the Learjet 75 Liberty has answered that call. Everyone was in ah over the release the Gulfstream G700, to rival the Bombardier Global Express 7500, but it is the Learjet 75 Liberty that will really change Luxury Travel and the Private Jet industry. Learjet says it offers “Limitless Freedom” while redefining the iconic Learjet brand, I say that is an understatement. 

There are 4 distinct features that create the “Limitless Freedom” of the Learjet 75 Liberty. 

  1. The smoothest ride in the Light Jet Class, this is achieved by its advanced wing design and best in class wing loading. 
  2. The private, quiet and spacious Executive Suite, a first for the Light Jet Class. Featuring a pocket door and two seats which provide the most legroom and the quietest, most private cabin in its class.
  3. Learjet Performance combined with lower operating cost. The Learjet 75 Liberty offers the same operating cost as it closest competitor but will fly you farther and faster with more room.
  4. Certified to the highest safety standards, Learjet features more baseline equipment than any other in its class. The Learjet 75 Liberty is the ONLY Light Jet to be certified to Part 25, the industry’s highest safety Standard.    

The standard 6 seat cabin layout of the Learjet 75 Liberty is significant as this is what sets it apart as a Private Jet. This layout features the first ever forward cabin Executive Suite and pocket door, to be offered on a Light Jet. The Learjet 75 Liberty was; “Designed for ultimate comfort and privacy.” Ultimate privacy is provided by the pocket door that separates the galley from the rest of the cabin. The pocket door not only provides privacy but significantly reduces cabin noise. The private, quiet and spacious Executive Suite delivers more legroom than any other jet in its class. This allows you to maximize your productivity or just relax and center yourself for what adventures lay head. The Executive Suite also offer an unheard of 35 inches of legroom, stowable table and oversized ottomans, along with seats that swivel, track and recline. This space was specifically designed to provide an unrivalled private jet experience. 

Learjet 75 Liberty 6 seat configuration
Executive Suit
Executive Suit forward view

The Club Suite located in the aft cabin provides another space for quiet reflection, conversation or business productivity. The Club Suite features four seats that swivel and offer multi-position reclining. It offers 24 inches of legroom, along with a large stowable table perfect for boardroom style meetings or lounging with family and friends. Learjet did not stop there, they raised the bar even higher with a flat floor design and access to in-flight storage and the most beautiful private lavatory you will find in a Light Jet or most apartments for that matter. The Galley has a self-draining ice box, a microwave and plenty of storage for in-flight snacks. Lets not forget staying connected with the availability of 4G ATG high-speed internet. This means you can stream your favorite media through the media center, video conference or communicate with your home or office.

Club Suit Aft view

It is worth mentioning two things; the first is the lavatory which offers a buckle-in seat for an additional passenger or the flight attendant. Second is an 8 passenger cabin layout with 2 Club Suites. You still get the pocket door, galley and lavatory, but I feel this layout is more for Business use or Charter Service rather than Private use.

Learjet 75 Liberty 8 seat configuration

The Learjet 75 Liberty offers the most bang for your buck. It will fly you farther and faster with a full payload, than the so called competition. The advance wing design of the Learjet 75 Liberty coupled with best-in-class wing loading, results in the smoothest ride from takeoff to touchdown. The Liberty’s powerful engines allow it take off with just 4,440 feet of runway, climb faster and reach unmatched speeds. Operating with an Initial Cruise Altitude of 45,000 feet and Maximum Operating Altitude of 51,000 feet, you can easily fly not only above commercial air traffic but most weather systems. The Liberty is capable of: a Top Speed of Mach 0.81, a Max Cruise speed of Mach 0.79 and a Typical Cruise of Mach 0.76. This combination of speed and a Maximum Range of 2080 nautical miles results in superior fuel efficiency. In short it is a “Greener Private Jet”. Couple this with longer maintenance intervals and it offers the lowest-in-class operating cost, making the Learjet 75 Liberty a smart investment.

Learjet 75 Liberty cockpit

Finally the Learjet 75 Liberty underwent the most stringent safety testing, with more base line equipment than their competitors. The result was the only Light Jet to be certified Part 25, commercial aircraft safety standards. The Learjet 75 Liberty has been tested to withstand larger and heavier bird strikes and fly safely with ice on normally unprotected surfaces. Multiple system redundancies and dual wheels on the main landing gear provide peace of mind in the air and confidence when landing. Thrust reversers offer power and control stopping you safely and ahead of other Light Jets, just 2,296 feet of runway is needed for landing.  


In 1963 when the first Learjet took flight it changed aviation history forever. It would change how we view success and it would change how we value privacy and security in our travels. The Learjet 75 Liberty is poised to have a similar historic impact on the Private Jet and Luxury Travel Industry. The Learjet 75 Liberty offers people more, more speed, more range, more comfort, more safety, and more efficiency. But most importantly it offers more freedom, freedom for more people to step out of first class and step up and into Learjet ownership, it is truly a Private Jet. 

Learjet 75 Liberty Landing

For more information and purchase inquiries: www.businessaircraft.bombardier.com

All images provided by Learjet, Bombardier.